Ryan Goold


Ryan Goold

Hello, I’m Ryan, and I’m a documentary wedding photographer living in the Somerset countryside just outside of Bath.

I’m married to my amazing wife Abbie, we have our gorgeous boy Leo and our awesome pug Frank, and together we love to explore and see new things. The seaside is my favourite place to be but the countryside has been home to me since I was little.

Wedding Photography is kind of like marmite. You either love it, or hate it! Its a real honour to be part of someones wedding and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities and places I get to visit doing so. Its pretty important you get on with your photographer too, and getting to know me a little better should make it more comfortable for you on the day,

Heres a quick list of things you may not know about me…

– I originally lived in Bath, up until my sisters burned the house down. (They will deny that of course)
– I will always choose cheesecake at the end of a meal out.
– My favourite place in the world is Croyde Bay.
– I should have been born Italian. If you got pizza; Im there!
– The Red Hot Chilli Peppers is my favourite band, yet I’ve never seen them live. Boo! 🙁
– I’m an ok rollerblader but struggle to find the time now to do it.
– Leo wasn’t chosen for any particular reason except for the fact we loved the name.

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