Philip Thomas


Philip Thomas

I’m just a regular guy from a humble background, who’s worked incredibly hard for the photography craft that I love dearly. You might be wondering how a Brit is living here in San Antonio, Texas. Ours is a classic romantic tale. I met an American girl on a cruise ship. We dated back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean, and we made the decision that I would immigrate to the Alamo City in 2006.

Fast forward to today, we have two beautiful daughters 8 and 10, and two dogs.

In the UK, I was a news photographer covering local stories and sports, managed a studio, and traveled the world extensively in my twenties.

I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time in darkrooms, developing rolls of film, printing lots of prints. I learned from amazing mentors. Over time, I’ve refined my craft heavily influenced by photojournalism.

When I arrived in the U.S.A, I continued my photographic career shooting model portfolios and headshots. Realizing this wasn’t the perfect fit, I started shooting a few weddings and was hooked. Storytelling from the heart was it.

Shooting around 20 weddings a year, I capture weddings in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, New York, L.A. and anywhere else really. I’m also the occasional speaker and educator, available for wedding workshops, street photography, and private mentoring sessions.

Inspiration comes from numerous photographers. But I suppose my heroes of sorts is Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Robert Doisneau, Don McCullin, Elliott Erwitt, Alex Webb and well, the founders of Magnum. My studio is stocked full of photographer books and is my grounding in my ongoing education and craft. To this day, I continue my learning about art and design in this never-ending journey of discovery.

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