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Lumoid Photo

Hey – I’m Nadine, wedding photographer near Dortmund/Germany, bookable worldwide

Do not worry, I do not want to bore you with it, when exactly I developed my first movie back then in the darkroom or which camera and which lens I bought when.

Because for you is only important: my heart beats for photography and I am very happy to work since 2011 as a freelance photographer.

I care about the people and their stories and I want to capture your big emotional moments as well as the loving little things on the edge of the action, your “outer shell” as well as your character or every day, that for you at some point in retrospect but then to a wonderful moment becomes.

Pure and undisguised, timelessly beautiful and aesthetically – that’s the way the pictures should refresh your memory of the moment and put a smile on your face.

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Lumoid Photo