Heather Butterworth Photography


Heather Butterworth Photography

A love of light, a drone and an eye for a wicked photo. That’s all there is to it!

Whether you love or hate being in front of a camera, I promise you’ll be comfortable around mine, and that together we’ll capture all of the emotion and vibrancy of your wedding day. I look for the special moments that you might not see, and the ones that you can’t see because you are in them. Beautiful things are happening everywhere, all of the time, and I see it as my job to do them justice and enable you, my couples, to be able to enjoy them again and again for many years to come.

The most exciting shots are those of gestures and expressions that would otherwise pass unnoticed, the ones that make me smile when I’m curating and finessing your collection later.

Whatever you want from your wedding photos, I’ll be making the very best of the light, be it natural or created by myself. What I promise is that in your collection there will be gems that take your breath away and make you wish you were back there doing it all again.

I’m also very excited to have started to offer videography alongside my photography package from Autumn 2020 and to be working alongside my lovely husband James.

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Heather Butterworth Photography