Alex Ford


Alex Ford

The hardest working photographer you’ll have on your wedding day! I don’t stop – because of two things. One, I love weddings and two, I love taking pictures. I just can’t stop.

I came to photography late in life as a second career after 25 years in the military – this means I am adaptable, capable, professional, trustworthy, and have an attention to detail that has is a way of life for me! I’m not a sergeant-major telling you what to do, no, think of me as a sniper, shooting your wedding day without you really noticing I am there. Because I am there for you, to record your day as you might not have seen it; the things that went on because you were to busy getting married!

I am natural in style, unposed, calm and a laugh. I don’t take the day too seriously, and am always there with a quip or an awful joke – often inappropriate – to make you laugh and giggle.

What I want is to give you the very best pictures of your day as possible and the only way to do this is to get to know you, talk to you, work with you and your family and friends. That way the pictures are natural, easy and special. Just like you want your wedding day to be.

In addition to natural images of your day, I love taking you off for some spectacular photos with some fabulous lighting. I love creating stand out portraits that really show you at your best…

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Alex Ford