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5 Unusual Wedding bouquets

We've seen a big trend toward unique and unusual wedding bouquets lately. Perhaps due to the overwhelming amount of inspiration and choice out there on social media, brides are choosing to carry something other than the tradition bunch of blooms. We've found five of the best unusual wedding bouquets to give you some inspiration.

The floral hoop

Floral hoops are a big trend at weddings, with lots of possibilities – either as a backdrop for photos with the bride and groom’s initials in the middle or displayed alongside the cake. They can also be carried by bridesmaids, flower girls or by the bride herself.

Flowers by Floral Quarter Photo by Elizabeth Noftall
Photo from

Paper flowers

This is a great way to include books that are important to you, whether that’s classic novels or comic books! The great thing is you can keep it forever.

unusual wedding bouquet - paper flowers
Photo by Nik Bryant
unusual wedding bouquets - comic book flowers
Photo by Corina Photography

Hazel branch

How about this for a rustic wedding? A simple hazel branch with faux (or real) flowers attached to it makes a stunning alternative to a bouquet. Ideal for a rustic, romantic outdoor ceremony.

Photo by Tony Fanning

Wild & wonderful

Real flower bouquets don’t have to be neat and structured, you can get very creative with a wild and wonderful bouquet. A contrast between sizes and colours of blooms, lots of greenery and trailing foliage creates a fantastic end result.

Flowers by Lynne Jessett Floristry Photo by Martin Dabek
Flowers by Early Hours Ltd Photo by Andrew Billington

Brooch bouquet

If you like all things glittery and sparkling, what about a brooch bouquet? You could include family heirlooms, vintage finds and favourite jewels. They are pretty heavy, so make sure you add in some arm exercises in the lead up to your wedding!

Photo by Tony Fanning

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