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Weddings out of season – a guide to saving money

There are many ways to have an awesome wedding without spending mega bucks.  We're here to help you plan a beautiful, personal wedding that doesn’t cost the earth. One way to save money is to get married out of season.

It’s not worth getting into loads of debt for your wedding, you don’t want financial stresses and worries about the happiest day of your life. If you’re wondering how to save money on a wedding venue as well as other areas we’re here to show you how!

The most expensive months

‘Wedding season’ in the UK runs from late spring (May) to Autumn (October), with the most popular months being July and August. More and more couples are realising that if you choose to get married in the winter months or on weekdays you could save quite a bit of money.

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This can mean less pressure too, as you’re not relying on the unpredictable British weather or planning an outdoor wedding. Winter weddings also offer limitless potential for cosy, romantic details. Don’t think that marques and barns are out of bounds in the winter – most have gas heaters and fire pits – which has the additional bonus of meaning you can toast marshmallows! Check out our article What if it rains on my wedding day for more stunning pictures and wise words from wedding photographers.

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Shotgun weddings (!)

If you’re prepared to have a shorter lead-time for your wedding you’ll probably be able to get a deal with the venue. If you book up to 6 months in advance they’ll usually do a good deal as these are the dates they haven’t and aren’t likely to fill.

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Unpopular Days

Many wedding venues offer discounts for less popular days – Fridays and Sundays are often cheaper than Saturdays, and Monday – Thursday can be up to half price. You’re also more likely to book a popular venue on these days, as Saturdays can be booked up years in advance.

Friday 13th – unlucky for some, potentially super cheap for the non-superstitious. Venues recognise that some people won’t get married on this date and often offer a discount.

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Registrars are cheaper on weekdays too, saving you up to a third. Bank holidays are the most expensive day to book registrars.

Bear in mind that some guests won’t be able to attend a weekday, off-season wedding. Teachers and children won’t be able to take a mid-week term time day off. Although this could also save you money! But make sure your nearest and dearest can come.

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Buy local & in season

When it comes to certain details, sticking to local and in-season will save you money.

Flowers are a good example. Locally grown varieties that are in-season at the time you marry will cost considerably less than blooms that have been shipped in from overseas. If you’re not sure what’s in season, do a bit of research or ask a florist. If you have specific floral wishes you may need to spend a bit more, but you could always compliment these blooms with other in-season varieties.

If your wedding falls very close to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day or Christmas please remember this is the busiest time for florists and you may be charged more or struggle to book your preferred florist.

You could always buy flowers wholesale and make up your own simple floral arrangements if you really want to save money – it’s not as hard as it sounds!

White floral table arrangements
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When it comes to food, a good caterer will use local, in-season food that works with your budget. By using local produce you’re not only supporting local businesses but it should save you money too!

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Shopping Bargains

Wedding dress shopping should be a fun and exciting experience – enjoy it! If you want to save money on a dress and haven’t got your heart set on a particular style ask your favourite wedding shops when they have their end-of-season sale. When the new collection comes in many shops sell samples and previous collections at a reduced price. If you can take your time you’ll get the best bargain. There are also so many great options for you and your bridesmaids on the high street and online such as these stunners from Phase Eight. If you’re after a simple, elegant dress then why not consider a bridesmaid dress for yourself, they are often a lot cheaper!

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Ring shopping shouldn’t be rushed either, make sure you shop around and if you can wait for January sales you may be able to get some money off, although gold and diamond prices fluctuate with the market. The lead up to Christmas is the worst time to buy rings as this is when the shops are busiest!

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Some suppliers may offer discounts out of season if they are low on bookings, although it’s important to remember that the good ones don’t have to! Shop around and keep your eyes peeled for special offers.

Remember, when, where and however you choose to get married – the most important thing is that it’s right for you! You can do it on a budget and we’re here to show you how.

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