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Top 10 Wedding Morning Breakfast Ideas

Wedding morning breakfast ideas can be as simple or as fancy as you like. If you’re going for a rustic wedding theme you could stay true to form and have a smorgasbord of fruits and pastries so everyone can help themselves.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be fussing about making an elaborate breakfast, so whatever you do make sure you get your bridesmaids or other family members roped in with preparation!

Here are a few ideas from our real bride community:

“I had a full English! Our ceremony wasn’t until 3pm and I wanted something to keep me going. My bridesmaids, Dad and I stayed in a guesthouse in Northumberland near our venue the night before and they did a fantastic breakfast. It was great because we didn’t need to worry about doing any cooking!”


wedding morning breakfast ideas
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Some say they ate light as they were too nervous or worried about bloating on their wedding day. Here at Brides Keeping it Real we understand the nerves but recommend you have a hearty breakfast!

I don’t think I ate until lunchtime as I was so nervous and wanted my hair and makeup done first. When I got back my Aunty and Mam had made a little party buffet of different nibbles and sandwiches… including cake so I had that & a glass of fizz!

This bride’s wedding morning breakfast ideas have got my vote: “I’d say it’d be best to have carby things to bloat you a smidge, then your dress wont be too tight later in day as you’ll tighten your corset to the bloat. As your bloating goes down you’ll replace it with the fizz & food you’ve been craving for months on your pre wedding diet!”


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Here are some more wedding morning breakfast ideas to suit all tastes…

“I’m sure we had croissants and champagne”


I had a vegan chicken sandwich as I didn’t want to faint.”


“We were in a hotel suite so we had a continental breakfast and a lot of coffee.”


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If you’re bucking tradition and spending the night before your wedding together with your groom you can share a tasty wedding morning breakfast…

“We stayed in the same room the night before so they brought a massive shared continental breakfast!”

wedding morning breakfast croissants
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Bacon rolls and fizz seemed to be the most popular choice! An easy, tasty and indulgent wedding morning breakfast. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day so you don’t end up dehydrated…

“Bacon roll, croissant and maybe a few glasses of champagne!”


“Bacon sandwiches and fizz!”


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Other popular wedding morning breakfast ideas included lots of things to nibble on, and of course some bucks fizz/mimosas to wash it down. It’s the best day of your life so why not start as you mean to go!

“Croissants, jam, fruit, eggs, bacon, mimosas. All the things!”


“Fruit platters, pastries, coffee and lots of fizz”


Photo by Nathan Dainty

If you do wake up early full of nerves there is an up-side….

“Oh my goodness I was so boring – I had toast. I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited so I went into the kitchen of the venue and made coffee and toast at 5a.m. On reflection it was lovely to have an hour or so on my own that morning… before everything went crazy!”


What will you have for breakfast on your wedding morning? Head over to our Facebook group to discuss your REAL wedding.

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