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The first 7 things to do now you’re engaged

Planning a wedding can be fun, exciting and also potentially overwhelming. There are lots of things to organise and details to be taken care of. You've probably never planned a big event before, and now you've suddenly got to be an expert on organising the most important day of your life!

Wondering what to do now you’re engaged? Here is our handy guide to the first 7 things you should do once that ring is on your finger….

Let your friends and family know

It sounds obvious but make sure you tell your family in person or on the phone! Sticking it straight on social media is tempting but top of the list of what NOT to do when you get engaged! Telling people in person is the most fun and lovely way to do it as you get to see the look on their faces. Failing that a personal call or message to your nearest and dearest is the best way to announce your engagement. Not everyone is on social media and your close family will appreciate the personal touch. Once your close relatives and friends know you can share it to your heart’s content!

what to do when you get engaged
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Make a guest list

In order to start looking at venues you’ll need to figure out numbers of guests. Make a list with your husband to be of everyone you want to invite. Remember this is YOUR day, so if you just want to invite close family then that’s your choice! Just make sure you make your wishes clear to your family. Tell your mum that you’re very sorry but Doreen who does her hair isn’t invited…. then maybe give her a glass of prosecco so she can’t argue!!

Take a seat, not a side sign for wedding
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Set the date

Things to take into consideration include:

  • The time it will take to save up (both you and your wedding guests, especially for a destination wedding)
  • Bank/school holidays
  • Whether your parents/grandparents can make the date
  • Whether you can be flexible for the right venue.
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Having a date in mind will help focus your search and give you something to work with. It will be the first question you get asked by suppliers! If you can be flexible with dates check out our article on the ways of saving money by getting married out of season.

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What’s your style?

Do you want to get married in a little local church with a village hall reception afterwards? Or do you want an outdoor ceremony followed by a hoedown in a barn? Have a look at wedding blogs, Pinterest and magazines to give you some inspiration – or don’t! This Real Bride sacked off all the noise and just stuck to what she liked. More REAL wedding inspiration here.

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Picking a style will help you to choose the perfect venue, if you want some ideas check out our Rustic Wedding Inspiration article.

Start researching venues

Now you know roughly how many people you’re going to invite and the style of wedding you want you can look at venues. Make sure they are suitable for your numbers and the type of wedding you want and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and heartache! Some wedding venues get booked up years in advance so if you love it, book it.

Check out our list of the most unusual wedding venues in the UK.

Barn decorated with bunting and flowers
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Book a photographer

Now that you’ve booked a venue the next thing to do is find a wedding photographer. Like venues, photographers get booked up years in advance.

Photo by Aaron Storry

Make sure their website includes photo galleries of weddings from start to finish, not just their best snaps so you get a good idea of their style.

Check out our REAL documentary wedding photographers – they’re the best of the best!

Send out Save the Dates

Let guests know the basic details so they can put it in their diary – date, location (doesn’t have to be exact, the country/region will do) and any other important details. Now is also the time to give them a flavour of your style/theme if you like!

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Once you’ve got these basics sorted you can relax a bit and start planning the details. Get your feet up and pour yourself a drink. Cheers!

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