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REAL Supplier Spotlight – Canababes

When it came to planning my wedding, I was keen to find out as much about my suppliers as possible. With this in mind I thought it would be useful to ask our handpicked suppliers a few questions about them and what makes them tick. This week it's the turn of Katie Holton from London-based catering company Canababes...

Why did you start your business?

Canababes was no accident. Both Juliet and I had a shared love of feasts with friends and family, as well as being really good at making things happen in life. 

We had already noticed that we were two strong women who,

a) both wanted to take ownership for our own future and employment

b) food is where our heart is!  

Then, as if by magic, a mutual friend asked us to make the canapés for her wedding and it all spiralled from there! (and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing but that’s another story).

What do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

That it is a joyous event to be a part of!  Like all events, no one is the same. But with weddings, so much thought, effort and love has gone into the planning.   At Canababes,  our staff pride themselves on making sure that everything runs seemingly effortlessly. We take a professional yet relaxed approach! Guests are happy and our staff are happy. It really is a delight and a privilege to be a part of such a special and unique day. 

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What question do you get asked most by couples?

How many drinks will people drink?! It can seem very daunting trying to work out how much of everything you will need across the day and eve. 

This is where we can help. Canababes can provide really competitive bespoke drinks packages. From the fizz reception to wine with the meal,  cocktails, and soft drinks. Tell us what you think you might like and we can write you your own drinks menu. 

What wedding trends have you noticed recently?

More and more we get asked for the food to be a high point and a sociable eating experience – not the old formal sit down and stuffy approach with meat and 2 veg! 

This is what we at Canababes excel at. We will guarantee sharing style food which will be a colourful, delicious talking point. 

Also Vegetarian, vegan and sustainable options are high up peoples’ agendas at the moment (and ours)!

Our MO is that that all our menus are customised to suit the couple and their big day. Our motto is that “it’s YOUR event “- so we like to have a really good chat about food and make it exactly what you want. Down to the tiniest detail.

Do you have any tips for couples looking to save money on their wedding?

We know that friends and family often want to help and we say, embrace this! Let people get involved. Play to their strengths. If you know someone who is good at floristry, sign writing or cake baking – let them shine.  Also don’t get carried away. There are a million little details you can have at a wedding and these can end up adding up. But less is more.  Ask yourself this question, is this meaningful to me and my partner? and if it isn’t then don’t bother.   

What should couples bear in mind when contacting you about their wedding?

That we will ask you a lot of questions – and you have to be decisive. Only you can decide in the end. 

Anything final thoughts?

We hate the term ‘bridezilla’. We think it has negative connotations for weddings, brides, grooms, and all sorts. Canababes likes to promote that it is your day and it should be a really fun and enjoyable process. We are here to guide you from the opening conversation to the tasting where you can try your chosen meal and drinks then to the big day.  At Canababes we have a vested interest in getting to know you and making it work for you. 

Canababes Food Co Ltd is a female-led Hackney based London catering company. Check out their page in the REAL Directory and why not click on the heart to save them to your profile?

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