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REAL Wedding trend – Quirky Cakes

If you're looking to do things a little differently at your wedding, having a show-stopping wedding cake is a super easy way of telling your story. From a full on novelty cake to adding interest with flowers, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make your wedding cake unique.

We love a quirky wedding cake here at BKIR and so does Vicky from Tallulah’s Bakery. She has shared her top tips to add personality to your wedding cake with us.


Don’t be afraid to add a bit of colour to your cake. Wedding cakes were only ever white as a way of showing off your wealth, something which these days isn’t particularly on the list of things you want to shout about on your wedding day!

Colour plays a big part in weddings, from the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers, but it’s often left off the wedding cake. It can be used to tie in with your wedding theme or could be used as a nod to something special to you and your partner. 

Watercolour styles are a great way to add a touch of colour to spring or summer wedding cakes. And I am OBSESSED with navy cakes! They look just as elegant as a white cake and are a great way to go if you want a darker cake but don’t particularly want to go full on black. Paired with some jewel coloured flowers it would make a stunning Autumn/Winter cake, or with  some flecks of silver would be perfect for a celestial wedding or for a Star Wars/ Dr Who loving couple!


Using flowers, whether real or handmade by your cake decorator, can really make a big statement on your cake.

If you love the symbolism of flowers you can use this to great effect to add a layer of hidden meaning: Dahlias symbolise commitment and an everlasting bond, hydrangea represent heartfelt emotions and pretty little Lily of the Valley signifies happiness.

From an aesthetic point of view, go for something unusual and unexpected to add a bit of quirkiness: succulents make a great statement and keep a cake looking vibrant and fresh. Or go bold with a full on, bright cascade of unusual flowers.


Cake toppers are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding cake. They’re a traditional wedding cake decoration but it’s easy to modernise them and have them reflect you and your beloved! Want to be dressed as your favourite characters? Maybe you want to highlight your hobbies? Or want to include your fur baby on the cake? Adding it into the topper is a really easy way to do this and let your personality shine!


A really easy way to show what you and your partner love on your cake is to go full on story mode and have a complete character cake! But if that’s not your thing it’s really easy to compromise between fun elements and the more traditional. You could try nestling your favourite characters or fondant models of your pets in amongst the flowers. Or you could go for a double sided cake – pretty in the front, quirky in the back! This is a great way to add some surprise and fun into your cake.


There are no rules that say you have to have a cake at all! Maybe you don’t even like cake! Maybe you’d rather be cutting into a tower of cheese (and pies?) Or what about a big ol’ pile of brownies? You can even have your cake in cake pop form! And doing something like this doesn’t mean you have to skip the decoration.

Love all the sweet things and can’t decide what to have? Have your cake and eat it with a beautifully dressed and decorated dessert table filled with all of your favourite goodies.

And don’t forget, you can skip the cake altogether if you want! (Just don’t tell anyone a cake lady told you that!)

I hope this has helped you think about some ways you can add your own spin to your wedding cake. There are no rules – do things your own way.

Love, Vicky from Tallulah’s Bakery x

Hopefully this quirky wedding cakes article has given you some inspiration for your big day. Let us know what you have planned for your quirky wedding cake on instagram or facebook. Remember it’s all about doing things your way, so just stick to what’s important to you and go for it! Check out our Bride Hacks for more ideas.


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