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How to make your wedding go smoothly

Wondering how to make your wedding day go smoothly? We've spoken to our community of wedding photographers who have seen their fair share of big days! They have given us their top tips for a happy, stress-free wedding day.

For most people their wedding day is the first big event they’ve planned, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and worry about all the finer details. If you want to know how to make your wedding day go smoothly read on….

Nik Bryant

Embrace the rain. Don’t let it dampen your day. OK, it’s not perfect but it will always create great and unique images!”

Bride and groom dancing in the rain make your wedding day go smoothly
Photo by Nik Bryant

Andy Hudson

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to get bogged down by all the small details or worry if you think something isn’t going to plan but remember the day is all about love and everyone sharing that with you. Also, as long as you’ve got booze, food and music everyone will have a great time!”

Black wedding dress on Tynemouth beach
Photo by Andy Hudson

Nik Bryant 

“Don’t forget to factor in travel time. Going between bridal prep, church and the reception venue means you lose a bit of time during key parts of the day. This can impact on the time you have with friends and family and for photos of just the two of you.”

Bright yellow VW campervan
Photo by Nik Bryant

Chris McGloin

“Make sure to get biodegradable confetti (or bubbles!) You’re much more likely to be only allowed to use that type nowadays. Though of course, check with the venue beforehand as well.”

Photo by Chris McGloin

Paul Jarrett 

“Invite people that make you happy. Everyone has a limited budget and you can’t invite the world, a lot of my couples sacrifice inviting certain people because they think they should and instead invite people they know will really celebrate their day with them. The atmosphere is so much more buoyant throughout the day.”

Bride and groom smiling covered in confetti
Photo by Paul Jarrett (Bomknights)

Nik Bryant

“If your venue allows games, go for it! They can create great fun images and gives your guests something to do during drinks reception and its an inexpensive form of entertainment.”

orange spacehoppers wedding games
Photo by Nik Bryant

So there you have it, plenty of tips to make your wedding day go smoothly from our fantastic suppliers. These talented documentary wedding photographers can all be found in the REAL Directory.

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