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Coronavirus and weddings

In the current crazy situation that we're all in I wanted to write a post about the Coronavirus and how it's affecting those planning a wedding, and those working in the wedding industry. Hopefully some of these tips will help if you're affected, although the Government advice and situation is constantly checking so make sure you do your research.

2020 weddings

I really feel for those who are planning a wedding in the near future. If you are, the chance are you will have scaled things back considerably.

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The Church of England has said that weddings and funerals will still take place until further notice. So if you’re still going ahead the chances are that some people won’t be able to come, which is really disappointing. One way of keeping those loved ones involved is by FaceTime, and having another celebration when all of this blows over.

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Wedding insurance

Hopefully you have insurance in place and it will cover you in the case of cancellations. Speak to your insurance company or go through your policy and check the stipulations. Bear in mind that it normally only kicks in if your venue cancels or the Government put us into another lockdown, but check with your provider.

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Wedding suppliers

This is such a tough time for wedding suppliers, many of whom are small businesses at risk of going under. Talk to your wedding suppliers to find out what happens in the case of a postponement. Bear in mind that postponing your wedding will mean loss of earnings for them as the new date can’t be given to another couple, and they will may need to charge a small fee to cover this. The wedding suppliers I’ve spoken to are in the tricky position of wanting to help their couples but also feed their family so there may need to be some compromise, unless the government steps in to help.

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Don’t panic and change your date without speaking to your key suppliers (venue and photographer especially). Try to find a date that they have free, even if that means you end up having your wedding on a weekday. This will end up being the least stressful option and the least costly. Unfortunately if you change your date without checking with your suppliers first and they aren’t available on the new date you will most likely incur cancellation fees as stated in their contracts. In this situation and as ever, communication is key. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and come to an agreement that means your wedding will be able to go ahead and the suppliers will be able to carry on making a living. We’re all in this together!

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2021 weddings

Now is the time to get wedding insurance if you haven’t already. You may have some extra time to plan your wedding so do your research and try to enjoy the planning process. You may even have the time to make some DIY decorations, check out our Real Weddings for inspo from brides who have made their own wedding decor. With all being well we should be out of the woods next year and things will return to normal.

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Keeping Calm

It’s easier said than done at the minute, but it’s important for your sanity and mental health to do so. Practise self care, meditate, take a long bath, read a book, spend less time on social media! Try to focus on what’s important – look after loved ones and yourself. We’ll get through this and come out the other side stronger!

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