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Adding a personal touch to your wedding

Adding a personal touch to your wedding can be as simple as picking your favourite music so the night is filled with the tunes you love, or serving fish & chips from your favourite street food vendor.

Here are few of our favourite easy ways to personalise your wedding…

Alternatives to wedding cake

Not a cake person? There are many alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. Cheese, pies, cookies, donuts, macarons – have whatever you like! Everyone will appreciate the change from the norm. Dessert tables are also a popular option, allowing you to have lots of different sweet treats. If you know someone who makes amazing cookies/brownies, don’t be shy to ask them to bake you a few batches as your wedding present.  They should be happy to get involved as it’s something they’re good at and not as daunting as baking a wedding cake, and you could potentially save hundreds of pounds!

Photo by Steve Grogan Photography
Photo by Steve Grogan Photography

Photos of family members

A lovely way to include loved family members who have sadly passed away or can’t make it to the ceremony is to display photos of them. You could print out retro polaroids of them and attach them to a length of twine using mini wooden clothes pegs. This is also a fun thing to do on the day instead of a guestbook or photobooth, simply provide a polaroid camera, a few props and let your guests do the rest!

polaroids are special touches for wedding reception
Photo by Andy Hudson Photography

These could be strung around pillars, trees, inside a frame or anywhere you can think of!

Personalise stationary

You don’t need to spend a fortune on wedding invites, save the dates, place cards, menus…the list goes on! If you’re crafty you can make your own, or cheat and simply buy a stamp like this one from Etsy featuring your names and the date and add it to everything from place settings, paper sweet bags to thank you cards. A hand-written place setting is a great addition to a rustic wedding theme.

Cork wedding placer name holder
Photo by Andy Hudson Photography

Bring back the blackboard

A blackboard can be used to add a personal touch – why not put your favourite song lyric on there, or a funny saying that means something to you and your partner? If you’re not creative, get a friend to do the scribing!

Stag and wedding crashing sign
Photo by Steve Grogan Photography

Create your own drink

Whether your tipple of choice is a cocktail, a craft beer or a particular wine, why not offer your guests a taste of your favourite drink? You could use a blackboard to tell your guests what’s on offer!

Create your own wedding cocktail
Photo by Wu Yi

Centre of attention

You can go crazy with table centrepieces – the more personal the better! Whether its your favourite beaches, albums, childhood sweets or cocktails, the table centrepiece and table name are a great way to incorporate them.

Photo by Real Simple Photography


There are so many more ways of personalising your wedding that don’t cost a lot of money and we’ll share more soon!

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Gaia Hudson

Written by gaia_bkir

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